Daily we hear that some hackers hack these site or some hackers hack government sites. So today we will talk about cyber security and how to secure your website, How to secure your WordPress blog from hackers. Before getting started I wanna to share some basic details about cyber security, Hacking and much more.

Basically, if anyone can access your website admin panel without your permission and authentication it’s known by Hacking. It is illegal but many hackers do that because they want to steal your customer or user data, their credit card details and much more. Hackers may also demand money to release your data and website. Many time some sites hacked which already have SSL certificate. So here I am going to share some tips and how to secure your website from hackers.

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How hackers hack your website:

Basically, hackers use some software to access your website file manager and admin panel. Make sure never share your website or blog credential information like user id password with anyone. They guess your user id and password according to your website/blog behavior and nature. Never use any password related to your name or your website name because it’s easy to guess. Another method is they inject some file or script to your website and they got secret information related your website/blog. If your website blog has file upload option on any page make sure user can’t upload any file only can upload file related same format. So no one can inject any external script or file to your website.

How to secure websites from hackers:

If you are running a website or blog then the security of your blog is most important. There are many options to secure your blog. Some are free and some are paid. In the free method, you can use our security tool to secure your blog. You may also use cloud flare security to secure your blog and website but it may slow your blog/website speed. In the paid method you can use some antivirus on your server, use paid program for your blog/website security.

We are launching Soon our cyber security tool and it will be free for small blogger and small business. Fill below form to get notified when it will be available for everyone.

So you can use our free tool to secure your website. Our security tool will be available soon for everyone. Only you have to create an account fill your details and let us secure your website.

Free Method to secure your website:

How to secure websites from hackers

Here are below free method to secure your blog or website:

  • User Name/Password:

Always use a strong user name and password. If you have a weak user name and password then it may harm your blog security. Never use any user name and password related to your blog name or your name. If you are a WordPress user then you may enable custom login URL where you can change your by default URL yoursite.com/wp-admin because this login path knows everyone. So user name and password is a very important factor to secure your blog/website.

  • 2-factor authentication:

If it is possible to use 2-factor authentication then will add an extra layer to your website/blog security. If you are a WordPress user you can use a custom plugin for that. But if you have another CMS then you may use the custom script or program to enable that option. After enable that program no one can log in with OTP which you get on your mobile number or mail ID.

  • Use Positive SSL:

SSL is a very important factor for blog/website security. So I always recommend that use SSL with your website. It also effects on your organic reach and ranking as well in search engine. Users also trust more those websites & blogs having SSL certificate.

  • Block Suspicious IP:

If you found any suspicious activity never ignore them and block that IP address as soon as possible. Because it may harm your website. Hackers never use their real IP. They always use suspicious IP so no one can be caught them and their location. If you found any one create an account with anonymous IP just block that account and ban that IP. You can use many paid and free plugins available on WordPress or you may use 3rd party services like Cloudflare and another security provider.

  • Verify User account time to time:

Always verify your user’s account time to time. Delete inactive user account and verify their mail ID or mobile number they used at the time of account creating. Scan your database and server time to time.

  • Avoid Nulled themes and Plugin:

If your site or blog having WordPress CMS then never use nulled theme or plugin. There are many websites over the internet which provides you Paid themes and plugin for free. But never go for that because maybe they nulled or already injected with suspicious scripts that may hack your site easily. So always purchase the theme from their own developers with the license or buy from largest theme markets like Themeforest or Envato.

  • Avoid Nulled themes and Plugin:

Enable Cloudflare free security to manage your website security. But if you are startups or Blogger then use their free plan otherwise for a business website and e-commerce upgrade your plan to premium.

How we can secure your Website/Blog:

Our cyber security tool is getting ready and we launch its beta version available for everyone soon. You just have followed few steps and you can secure your blog easily. You have to follow the below process to use our cyber security tool:

  • Create an account using your mail ID.
  • Log in with your user ID and Password.
  • Enter your website URL, Name server, Traffic location. (We never ask about User ID & Password.)
  • Copy the code and paste on your website Footer or sidebar.
  • If you don’t have SSL certificate you can also request a free SSL certificate for 1 year.
  • You all done!! Now focus only your website and forget your Blog security headache.

We provide your blog/website security. We always block suspicious IP traffic or any suspicious IP address. Below you can drop your mail address we will inform you when our cyber security tool available for everyone.

How Digital Akki Cyber Security Tool works:

This is a partnership project with Cyber House USA and DigitalAkki Inc Partnership. For now, this tool will be free for everyone. We provide secure Internet management software for your website. When you place our badge and code to your blog & website we track your visitor’s behavior. It never effects on your traffic but if any user tries to inject any script to your website or if any IP try to do any suspicious activity on your blog we banned that user and secure your blog immediately and inform the blog/website owner. Owner also can check the details and block that user manually as well.

We are going to launch its beta version soon and avail for everyone. You can also share your feedback with us.