Starting a business is not a big deal but continue doing that business without any loss is a very big deal. Before starting any business first prepare yourself for that business. Know everything about market and services. Check business market data of previous years. Then decide about your startups. If you also want to grow your business read complete article. Here i shared my few secrete tips to grow your business rapidly.

If you have organic traffic then you can increase your sales and customer base as well. As before i always share organic growth is much better then paid. If you are startups then focus on organic sales not on paid sales. Because organic ranking stay more time then paid traffic. You can convert your visitors as your customers easily.

How to Increase Organic Traffic:

Growth of any organic business is depend on how much organic traffic they have? If you have millions and billions traffic you can grow your business in short time without spending more budget. Here are few tips to grow your organic traffic.

  • Focus on Your Keywords:

Your conversion rate is totally depend on your keywords. If your traffic are coming from buying intent keywords then you can grow your sales with less traffic. It means high conversion. But if your traffic is not relevant to your product or services then it is very big negative point for your business. May be your traffic base are high but conversion may be low.

For example i just put a query in Google “Best Mi Smartphones” and hit enter button. I got million of results within a second and also i got your website in number 1 organic ranking. I clicked on that search result and visit your ranked page on that keyword. On your page i found 5-6 Mi smartphones but can’t decide which i should buy. May i only did that to know few best MI smartphones and i am not planning to buy any smartphones.

Now i put a query again in Google “Buy Redmi Note 5 Online” and hit enter button. Again i get million of results. But here i search which is a buying intent keyword that’s means here is 90% chance to conversion because i directly search for buy.

That is the biggest point on which keyword you are getting most traffic.

  • Collect Visitor details:

When visitor visit on your page totally you don’t know who are they? But give a pop up to join your community and ask mail ID and Name. You can easily convert your database to your customers. So don’t forget to build a community. Always collect your visitor e-mail data. Make sure add it in your privacy policy.

  • Build a relation with your readers:

It is very necessary step when you are a digital marketer and blogger. Always build a relation with your readers, interact with them and never misguide them for your profit. I got many offer from many companies like trading and many other that offers rich quick in one night. They asked me many time to promote their offers on my YouTube channel and blog and they ready to pay a handsome amount. Some of them offer up-to $2k. But i always denied them because i know my viewers and my readers always trust me. So i can’t break their trust for few bucks. So never offer them any wrong information for your profit.

  • Focus on Conversion:

Increasing traffic is also not a big deal but increasing your conversion is a really big and profitable deal. If your product is profitable, valuable and useful then you can try these steps to increase your conversion. When visitor come on your post just ask mail id. Mail him with your product and complete details. Never force him to buy your product just share what you providing. If your product is valuable then surely it will increase your conversion and revenue.

Mostly marketers never focus on value. They focus on sale and only sale. They can’t provide customer service. Do you know if you are a marketer then you should focus on your customer service and product quality. Both are very important to increase your sales and revenue.

When i was started in 2016, i focused on sales only. I always focus on sales that how can i get more and more sales. Before that i never focused on customer service. I feel my mistake in 2017 when i checked that i have only 37% returning customers over the year. When i started to taking feedback from my old customers they shared that they satisfied with my products but they didn’t get proper customer service so they leave me. After that I started to focus on my customer service and almost i generated double revenue then previous year. Last year my returning customers were 86% and it is very best lesson ever in my life.

I shared how to get more traffic and conversion? Now i am going to share how to do technical optimization so you can drive more traffic and rank high.

  • Build Link Carefully:

Yes link building is a very important factor in ranking but link building doesn’t mean those build tons of low-quality backlinks. One high-quality backlink is more powerful then Thousand of low quality backlinks. That’s why for link building focus on quality not on quantity. Build more .edu and .gov backlinks & Do guest posting. Google never says that build backlinks manually. But it is very difficult to get backlinks naturally for beginners. But if you are making high-quality backlinks in proper way then no problem for you. Never make low quality backlinks and focus on backlink quality.┬áRead more about On Page and Off page seo.

  • Always Focus on Content:

Yes content is king. It’s true. For Ranking content always matters. Content means focus on content clear every point about your blog topic. Share complete information point to point. That helps to decrease your bounce rate and get high ranking.

  • Optimize your page loading speed:

Google never like low page loading speed. If your page loading speed is very slow then fix it as soon as possible. Because google never like slow pages. It may decrease your ranking and traffic as well. You can check your page loading speed with Google Page speed tester tool & other tools like GTmatrix. Optimize your images for boost up your page loading speed.


Building a business is very easy when you learned important thing before getting started. So in this post i shared my personal 4 year experience how to grow your business and boost your sales. With quality and targeted traffic always focus on quality service also. Because with only traffic you can’t do anything. Today i shared everything that which mistake i did in past. You can read every important step here.

Before starting a business analyze your product quality and customer service. Increase you sales with these steps. Always follow your customer and take feedback how can you improve your product and services?

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